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Fine Arts

Purpose Statement

Using the various mediums of the Fine Arts (Music, Art, and Theatre) this department exists to challenge students to comprehend the academic aspects of the fine arts; to witness the revelation of an awe-inspiring and divinely empowering God through His creation and His Word; and then to acknowledge, respond, and participate in the creative process which professionally relays God’s character and message through group and individual projects, performances, and presentations.

General Description

The GCA Fine Arts department consists of instrumental and vocal music, theatre and the visual arts.  Students have many opportunities to learn to perform in each of these areas throughout their school careers at GCA.  We strive to provide our students with the best quality instruction and tools to bring glory to the Lord using their talents in the fine arts.


The GCA Theater Department's Spring 2016 production of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers has finished its five show run to standing ovations.  Based on the book by Lawrence Kasha and David Landay, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers takes place in 1850’s Oregon and tells the tale of Millie, a pioneer woman looking forward to a quiet, steady life, and Adam, determined to return home with a wife! When Millie and Adam get together, little does Millie know her future life will be filled with Adam’s six brothers and the adventures that unfold as they attempt to follow in Adam’s footsteps in finding wives of their own!

Directed by GCA Theater Department Head, Miss Valerie Gibbs, GCA’s production of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers saw students singing, dancing, acting, and entertaining all.  Congratulations, cast and crew!