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openhouse CROPPED

Oh, Promise Me!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of GCA’s hilarious Fall 2016 production, Oh, Promise Me!  The story of wild child Barry Hollis’s marriage proposal gone awry, as performed by our talented GCA theater department, was a family friendly event enjoyed by all!  Congratulations to our Theater Department for another successful production! 

“Barry Hollis, at twenty-one, has just graduated from Princeton, thereby coming into the fortune left him in his late father's will.  His youthful escapades have won him a wild reputation, but he is resolved to settle down now and become a worthy member of the community.  On the train back from Princeton, he meets and falls immediately in love with Gladys Vance.  He persuades his aunt, with whom he makes his home, to send Gladys a note inviting her for a visit.  Another note goes to Patsie Linden, a hard-boiled little dancer and old flame of Barry's, asking her to send back his frat pin.  Alas, the notes get mixed!" (Oh, Promise Me! "Story of the Play")