Foundations Chapel

Foundations Chapel - March 15, 2017

Chaplain Shipp continued with the month’s theme of Putting God First and spoke on Matthew 6:25-33. After explaining the background of the passage and asking the students about what God has provided for them in their lives, Chaplain Shipp encouraged everyone to seek God’s Kingdom by seeking His will for their lives. If one is to seek the Kingdom of God, they must be willing to humbly submit, placing their entire lives under the umbrella of His will. In doing this, they will recalibrate their priorities every day and will be able to focus more time on what really matters in life. Chaplain Shipp’s second point was to “seek God’s Kingdom because He is your good Father.” He asked students: If you were to ask your parents for a sandwich, would they give you a rock instead? Of course not! Likewise, if we ask God for certain things, how much more will He provide even greater things because of His love for us! Closing out his message with an object lesson, Chaplain Shipp, with the help of two volunteers from the audience, took a glass jar and filled it full of rice, which represented worldly things. Then, attempting to place four golf balls (which represented the things of God), he illustrated the truth that if we focus on worldly things first, there is nowhere for God to fit in. Then, reversing the process, he had students place the golf balls in the jar first and then filled it with sand. Everything was able to fit perfectly! In the end, he encouraged everyone to focus on putting God first in everything they do and, if they do this, God will provide the necessary time and focus to accomplish all that needs to be done.

Key Passages: Matthew 6:25-33; 7:9-11, Luke 12:32

Foundations Chapel - March 8, 2017

Mrs. Danielle Gullickson had the opportunity to speak to the students this morning in chapel. Launching off of their theme verse for the month, Luke 18:27, Mrs. Gullickson explained the reality that no one can ever be good enough for God in and of themselves. It is only through the perfect and sinless sacrifice of Jesus Christ that one can be in a right relationship with Him. Furthering the conversation, she went on to illustrate the simplicity of salvation by stating that one must first, believe the Gospel, and secondly, one must ask Jesus Christ into their heart. Mrs. Gullickson then gave room for the Holy Spirit to work through a time of response by the raising of hands. Finally, she led the students in a new song and encouraged those who raised their hands to “go and tell” their teachers and parents of their desire to follow Christ. Following this, Mrs. Tracy Cox awarded specific students for going above and beyond in last month’s theme of “Availability.”

Key Passages: Luke 18:27

Foundations & Bridge Combined Chapel - March 1, 2017

In today’s chapel, Mrs. Tracy Cox laid the foundation for the month of March. After summarizing much of what they had been talking about in the last few months, she conveyed the theme of the month, “Walking in Him means I will put Him first.” Mrs. Cox then asked the student-body to give her some examples of things that money cannot buy. Answering this question, the students said things such as, happiness, a “ticket to heaven”, friendship, family, and God’s love. Following this, she moved into the story of the “rich, young ruler” as an example of putting God above everything in their life. This ruler asked Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal life. Jesus answered by listing some core commandments. After the young ruler agreed that he had indeed done all of those things from his youth, Jesus challenged him to go and give all of his possessions to the poor and follow Him. To this, the young ruler walked away, sad. Mrs. Cox explained that having lots of money is not inherently a bad thing, but that anything that is treasured more than God becomes an idol and naturally shifts the focus from Him to earthly things that will eventually fall away. She summed up her message by challenging everyone to think about some things that get in the way of putting God first, things such as grades, sports, etc. Recognizing the difficulty in keeping God first while living in a world filled by distraction, Mrs. Cox then brought to bare the theme verse of this month, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” In closing out her message, Mrs. Cox exhorted those listening to examine their priorities and start making a conscious choice to put God first in everything they do.

Theme of the Month: “Walking in Him means I will put Him first.”

Theme Verse: Luke 18:27

Key Passage: Luke 18: 18-30

Foundations & Bridge Combined Chapel - February 22, 2017

The 5th and 6th grade Choir, with the 4th grade music classes, performed their musical, "The Ultimate Superstar."  The musical takes place during a rehearsal for a talent show where the children mistakenly believe that a celebrity will be coming for their performance.  The children learn lessons about kindness and using their gifts for the Lord.  Ultimately the students (and audience) were reminded that Jesus is the "Ultimate Superstar."

Foundations & Bridge Combined Chapel - February 15, 2017

In this week’s combined lower school chapel, Mrs. Susan, a former lower school music teacher at GCA, came to speak to the students about her work in serving the Lord in South Asia. After opening with a time of worship, Mrs. Susan engaged the students by challenging their teachers to compete in a game of trivia about the country where she works. Next, Mrs. Susan talked about her own personal calling to serve overseas and told a story pertaining to her work in training up young people, teaching them how to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. In closing, she encouraged each student, along with the faculty and staff, to live out the Great Commission in their everyday lives by sharing Jesus with whomever they meet, wherever their feet take them.

Key Passages: Matthew 28:18-20

Foundations Chapel - February 8, 2017

This morning, after recapping what was spoken of last week in chapel, Mrs. Tracy Cox introduced the new character trait of the month, “availability.” She told the story of the calling of the prophet Isaiah, as told in Isaiah 6. She told of Isaiah’s dream in which he witnessed the Lord seated upon His throne and the seraphim worshipping Him. Isaiah responded in unworthiness as he stood in the presence of the perfect holiness of God. Then one of the seraphim flew to Isaiah with a burning coal and touched his lips with it, purifying him from his guilt and atoning for his sin. Finally, the Lord asked, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” At this, Isaiah answered with joy and excitement in his heart proclaiming, “Here I am! Send me.” After telling this story to the students, Mrs. Cox went on to speak about situating one’s life to remaining available to God while also explaining to the students that they should be excited, just as Isaiah was, to do God’s work in this world. She gave the students practical ways in which they can remain available for God’s purposes. Those include putting others before themselves, taking the initiative to help and not hide, always being ready when called upon, being glad to serve, and finally, always checking with the right person before making any decision to help someone else (i.e. parents). This chapel service ended with students reflecting on other Bible characters that remained available to God and, as a result, were used mightily by Him (i.e. Noah, Moses, Daniel, Samuel, and Jesus’ disciples). Christians are called to remain available to God and others around them in order to illustrate the love that Christ showed us through His great sacrifice.

Key Passage: Isaiah 6:1-8