Collegiate Chapel - May 3, 2017

Following student-led worship, GCA’s Athletic Director, Coach Moore, had the opportunity to deliver a timely message to the Collegiate students during their chapel service. Coach Moore laid out a vivid metaphor of what it really looks like to “walk in Him.” He gave the illustration of a military “point man”, which goes before the troops in the minefields in order to pave the safe path for those who would follow after. The followers are then given the distinct order to step directly on the footprints of the point man in order to keep them from death. Coach Moore paralleled this with Jesus Christ, teaching the students that He is their “point man.” Christ has paved the way for them through His life, death, and resurrection; the Christian’s ultimate model of how to walk on this earth is seen in the person of Jesus Christ. Coach Moore challenged the student-body with a brief video of a famous tight-rope walker. It was said that the audiences who watched him believed that he could complete the task of walking across Niagara Falls pushing a person in a wheel-barrow but when he asked for a volunteer to sit in the wheel-barrow, there was silence. Coach Moore challenged the students to put to practice what he calls the “Twelve Inch Rule”, in which someone’s head knowledge of the truth travels the twelve inch distance to their heart. In closing, he left the students with a question, “Is your faith in Christ just head knowledge or is it heart knowledge?” In other words, are they so convinced of Christ that they would be willing to get in the wheel-barrow if He were to ask them, or would they stand silent in the crowd?

Key Passage: Colossians 2:6-7