Collegiate Chapel - April 26, 2017

The students had the privilege to hear from Pastor Dustin Daniels from the Outer Banks Dare Challenge this morning. Pastor Daniels was introduced by one of GCA’s students that has been impacted by his ministry. Pastor Daniels gave some background on his life, from being a well-known commercial fisherman to his struggles with addiction to drugs, alcohol, and opiates. His addictions resulted in significant medical issues; one day, he overdosed and was officially declared dead because his heart stopped. Emergency workers had to resuscitate him three times. After sharing some of his story, Pastor Daniels centered his message on the idea that a person’s choices impact their life and the lives of those around them. Speaking from Daniel 3, he taught on the necessity of submitting and surrendering to the authority of the one, true God over all other authorities that go against His will, for the purpose of glorifying God. Christians are called to make the choice to submit and surrender even if God does not save them from what is ahead. Submission and surrender to God should not be for one’s own benefit but rather it should be founded on the reality that God loves them more than they could ever love themselves. Ultimately, God’s plan is the best plan for them, regardless of the outcome. Pastor Daniels closed his message by reminding the students that they will never regret making godly choices in their lives. Reading from Deuteronomy, he encouraged students to always choose life in Christ over death, every time.

Daniel 3, Deuteronomy 30:11-20