Collegiate Chapel - March 1, 2017

Mr. Robert Gibbs had the opportunity to address the students once again, this time regarding the topic of “God as Creator.” Using an informal style, Mr. Gibbs invited three students to join him on stage for coffee, engaging in what the great Reformer, Martin Luther, once called “table talk.” Sitting around the table, with coffee in hand, Mr. Gibbs engaged the three students in a conversation, inquiring about some of the most beautiful places they had seen in their travels. After discussing this, Mr. Gibbs conveyed the theological concept that: “orthodoxy leads to orthopraxy”, or in other words: “what you believe is what you live out.” Launching out of this approach, he had those involved read aloud Scriptures referring to “God as Creator.” Coming out of their conversation together were these simple, theological truths: Everything is God’s because He created everything, God holds the universe together, and the reality that we live in a beautiful, yet broken, world. Wrapping up their time together, Mr. Gibbs led the students to three practical implications for what was discussed. First, he encouraged everyone to start “living with a sense of wonder” in the small things of life. Second, he encouraged everyone to view themselves as those who have worth and value, not because of their popularity or their accomplishments, but because they are made in the image of God Himself. Finally, he insisted that they should respect others, not by merely being nice to them, but by actually taking the time to recognize that they are all made in the image of Christ. Rounding out his message, Mr. Gibbs touched on some heavy topics of struggle for a young person today and made the closing point that, regardless of the struggles anyone goes through, the solution has to start from a foundational understanding of who God really is. Only from that foundation can someone see clearly the purpose and wonder of life itself.

Key Passages: Genesis 1:1; 26-27, Psalm 8:1; 3-4; 24:1-2, Isaiah 40:28, Romans 1:20, Colossians 1:15-17