Collegiate Chapel - March 24, 2017

Capping off GCA’s Missions Emphasis Week, the student-body heard from Mr. Darryl Palmer of New Tribes Mission. After showing a short video on the work of NTM, Mr. Palmer brought everyone to the very beginning where God spoke into existence all things and gave them the profound command to “multiply and fill the earth.” As the people became more numerous they desired to build a tower toward the heavens for themselves. Seeing what was happening, God gave them many languages and scattered them to fill the earth. Moving forward to the New Testament, Mr. Palmer taught that the mission of Jesus Christ’s life was to draw people to Himself in order that they might go out and be His witnesses to all the nations. Finally, he moved to the book of Revelation, proving that even at the end of the age, God’s people will be from every tribe, language, and nation. Mr. Palmer ended his time by pointing out that God is a missionary God and that He has always had one mission and has always used one method to fulfill that mission, His people. Therefore, Mr. Palmer encouraged GCA to be a people on mission for God in order to fulfill God’s greatest desire, to see the whole earth filled with His glory!

Key Passages: Genesis 1:28, Genesis 11:1-9, Matthew 24:14, Revelation 5:9; 7:9