This week in chapel the GCA community had the privilege of hearing from their Superintendent, Dr. Ron White, who addressed three crucial and challenging points to walking in the ways of Jesus Christ. After grounding his message in the context of the Old Testament narrative of Daniel, Dr. White explained that the first step in walking in Christ is "purposing our hearts", much like Daniel did, to follow Him. Following this point, Dr. White went on to teach that Christians must be willing to make time for Christ to speak to their hearts, in order to have a pure conscience as they approach the throne of grace. With that, he illustrated Satan’s relentless attempts to disrupt our walk with Christ, making the distinct point that devotional time with the Lord is a necessary element of each day. Finally, after understanding and implementing those realities, Christians will naturally use their hands to do the work of the Kingdom of God with confidence, knowing that they are doing the will of God, as opposed to the relentless, self-defeating attempts to look like a Christian. Summing up his three points, Dr. White insisted that these three truths of walking in Christ, mainly heart, head, and hands, must be done in that particular order if Christians are to confidently walk in the ways of the Lord. In closing, Dr. White adamantly proclaimed to the GCA community that the Christian life is not easy and that walking in Christ is a “day by day, step by step method of becoming like Jesus Christ.”

Key Passages: Book of Daniel