In the first week of chapel at Greenbrier Christian Academy the Campus Chaplain, Mr. Shipp, laid out the vision for their coming school year. Chaplain Shipp started by setting a high expectation for chapel services, explaining that chapel is a place of equality and worship, where the school can come together on common ground to praise God. His message spoke on the significance of the school’s chosen theme for the year, coming out of Colossians 2:6-7, and described to students and faculty how they will be encouraged to “walk in Him” over the course of the year. After giving some background on Colossians, Chaplain Shipp explained that the Christian community today has a problem similar to that of the church in Colossae: saying that they believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ, but choosing to allow the world to influence the way in which they live, day by day, instead of God. With this backdrop, he challenged students and faculty to begin to consider what would happen if they allowed themselves to view the world through the lens of Christ, allowing Him to have influence in every part of their lives. He provided three goals for their year which included setting their eyes fresh and anew on the person and work of Jesus Christ, learning how to be rooted and built up in their Christian faith, and putting to practice the truths of scripture in every area of their lives. Additionally, he laid out the importance of community as they learn to walk in Christ this year – he emphasized spurring one another on and encouraging each other to dive deeper into the Word and its application in their daily lives. With this first message, Chaplain Shipp set the tone for the year reminding all who have been saved by God's grace to live in a way that shows it, in order to draw others toward Him and give glory to Jesus Christ.

Key Passages: Colossians 2:6-7