Pastor Jeremiah Camarata, the Youth Pastor of Great Bridge Baptist Church, was able to address the GCA community this week in their weekly chapel service. God used him in mighty ways to explain the concept of “discipline vs. regret” in the Christian life. He began his message in the book of Romans, laying out the foundation of what it means to be a human in this fallen world. He brought to life the relentless battle, which the apostle Paul speaks of, between the Spirit and the flesh. Pastor Camarata went on to explain that though all Christians struggle with this battle, thank God that they do not have fight alone, for through Christ’s sacrifice, they have an advocate in Him! As a result, they should run each of their races well through making disciplined choices instead of foolish ones. Much like an athlete disciplines his or her body for competition, so Christians must condition theirs in Christ-likeness. Pastor Camarata summed up his message with two simple, yet profound questions. The first being, “what do you want most?” The second, “what do you need to choose now to achieve what you want most?” He closed by explaining that every step in the journey of life matters. Therefore, Christians should be disciplined in their choices in order to reach their goals. If they do this then they will not look back on their lives with regret, but rather they will look back with joy in their hearts seeing how God orchestrated and used them for His glory!

Key Passages: Romans 7:15, 18-19, 24-25; 1 Corinthians 9:24-27