This week in GCA's Chapel service, Chaplain Greg West from Virginia Wesleyan College addressed the students, faculty and staff with a deep, meaningful message from God. Chaplain West spoke on what he called “Jesus’ favorite topic”, that being the Kingdom of Heaven. He insisted that this topic was God’s complete answer to the world’s complete need. Going deeper into his message, Chaplain West explained that the world is in a constant state of change; there seems to be nothing to cling to for an extended period of time. He encouraged them in saying that, even though the world and everything in it is shaking around them, the one and only constant that they all can trust in is Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. Going further, Chaplain West stated the reality that people in this world have not rejected the Gospel of Christ, but rather they have reduced the Gospel from what it is meant to be. That being said, he challenged everyone to live out the Gospel in all areas of their lives in order to bring the fullness of Jesus anywhere and everywhere God calls them to be. Closing his message, Chaplain West reminded everyone that God is love, and that the Kingdom and Person of Jesus Christ is the one constant that they can stand on as they journey through this ever-changing world.

Key Passages: Matthew 13:44-46; Hebrews 12:28-29, 13:8