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Beginnings Chapel - February 27, 2017

In chapel this morning, Mrs. Dykes focused on the concept of being a healthy tree versus being an unhealthy tree. She began her message by having the students recite the chapel theme verse for this year, Colossians 2:6-7. Focusing their attention on the first verse, “as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord”, Mrs. Dykes allowed one of the students to stand on stage and present their testimony to the student body. This was to give an illustration of what it means to receive Christ. After this powerful time, Mrs. Dykes used her bear-puppet “Diggs” to portray the idea of being a righteous person. Using Psalm 1, she explained that in order to become a righteous person, one must meditate on God’s Word day and night. Then, as the Psalm further explains, the person who thinks on the Word of God will be like a fruitful tree planted by the water. Summing up her message, Mrs. Dykes gave everyone ways in which they could meditate on the Bible, those being: listening, reading, and memorizing. Mrs. Dykes ended their time together by encouraging everyone to meditate on the words of God in order to be growing in righteousness and joy.

Key Passage: Psalm 1

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