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In the second week of chapel at GCA, one of the Collegiate Academy Administrators, Mr. Gary Wilson, addressed his fellow faculty, staff, and the student body. The Lord laid on Mr. Wilson’s heart the idea of “Raising the Bar” as a Christian. He emphasized in his message that Christians must imitate God in everything they do and that they must be aware of how they do it and with whom they do it. He went on to uncover the reality that, as Christians in this fallen world, they are always being observed. The idea that Christians are walking one way in Church, and then a completely different way throughout the rest of their week is a complete contradiction that the world uses against them. In saying that, integrity is crucial. Closing out his message, Mr. Wilson harkened back to the concept that, as the Apostle Peter states, Christians are indeed called to be a “peculiar people.” With this, it is implied that they will likely find themselves alone in the midst of the crowd, but they are never alone because they have Christ and they should choose to glorify Him above their own gains. Ending their time together, he encouraged all who attended to dive deeper into their relationship with Christ which, in turn, will naturally result in increased sanctification.

Key Passages: Ephesians 5:1-20; Psalm 34:15-22; 1 Peter 2:9

Greenbrier Christian Academy: