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Spencer Helm, the Student Pastor of Liberty Greenbrier, had the opportunity to round out GCA’s Spiritual Emphasis Week. After being witness to the movement of the Spirit of God throughout the week, Pastor Helm felt God’s call to encourage everyone to apply what they had learned and experienced through the Biblical concept of mission. Using the Great Commission as his foundation, Pastor Helm explained that the concept of Christian mission is not about the things we create, nor is it about the things we might do, but that Christian mission is always, first and foremost, about people. He went on to proclaim that when Christians live on mission for others, the Gospel frees them to live a full life for God and to rely on Him. Closing out his message to GCA, Pastor Helm taught that if you never apply what you know and learn about Christ, then you will never reach the full potential of your life in Christ. He summed up his message with a reminder that Jesus Christ’s heartbeat, even while he was near death on the cross, was beating out of His own great love for His people. Therefore, if Christians are to imitate and follow Christ by applying what they know to be true, the love in their hearts must not beat for themselves, but for everyone around them, just as Christ’s does.

Key Passages: Matthew 28:18-20

Greenbrier Christian Academy: