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After the senior class returned from their fall retreat, they were passionately energized to proclaim to the underclassmen all that they had experienced throughout their weekend together. Therefore, with permission from the administration, this week’s Chapel service at GCA was designed and implemented by those seniors. With seven prayerfully chosen testimonies spanning a wide range of topics, the senior class spoke with love and humility to the underclassmen about their great need to know Jesus Christ, not only in their minds, but also in their hearts. Furthermore, they urged those who may have strayed away to turn back to Jesus. Though there were many testimonies, the one consistent strand woven throughout was the reality that God has a plan for His people, and that He is working all things for the good of those who love Him. Using the story of Jesus calming the storm, the last senior to speak tied every testimony back to this theme, grounding the entirety of what was said in the authority of Scripture. Closing their service, the senior class invited all who were willing to enter into an extended time of prayer for one another. Acting out of their responsibility as student leaders of GCA, the entire senior class took the opportunity in that time to go to their fellow underclassmen, their faculty, and their staff, engaging in prayer with them, in order to personify the body of Christ.

Key Passages: Hosea 3; Mark 6:45-52; Exodus 33:17-23

Greenbrier Christian Academy: