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openhouse CROPPED

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In this week’s chapel service the GCA community invited back one of their own alumni, Mr. Aaron Ransom, who is now a Sports Performance Coach within the Physical Therapy department of the Bon Secours Health System. Mr. Ransom spoke to the students, faculty, and staff with humility concerning the idea of moving from a concept of religion to that of revelation. Speaking from the Gospel, he explained the dilemma of the Pharisees, teaching that they were constantly caught up in the rules and regulations of the Old Testament; they spent their time trying to debunk Christ’s teachings instead of taking time to understand who He really was for them. Tying it all together, Mr. Ransom applied this dilemma to the lives of Christians today. Through personal illustrations involving his own son, he emphasized that Jesus Christ came to save the sinner, not the righteous. He went on to explain that in order to move from religion to revelation, one must realize that they are a sinner saved by grace through faith. In his concluding remarks, Mr. Ransom proclaimed God’s great love for all regardless of their faults. That being said, all Christians should make it a priority to reflect the love that Christ has for them to others for the purpose of displaying His Kingdom here on earth.

Key Passages: Matthew 9:9-13; Colossians 2:6-7

Greenbrier Christian Academy: