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One of GCA’s History teachers, Mr. Robert Gibbs, had the opportunity to address the students, faculty, and staff in their weekly chapel service. He began his message using an illustration from the arena of sports with regard to the motivation by which athletes play. Tying this back to the Christian life, Mr. Gibbs challenged all to ponder what their motivation for being a Christian really is. He explained that all too often Christians see God as a “band-aid”, the fixer of problems. While God is indeed healer and redeemer, he questioned what happens to those people once their problems are solved? Using specific Biblical characters, Mr. Gibbs gave the GCA community historical and practical examples of what it looks like to walk with God in Christ. He explained that the motivation for the Christian life is not built on the immediate things, but on those things that are yet to come; the Christian motivation is having the perspective of what lies ahead! Going further, Mr. Gibbs proclaimed that, as Christians, God Himself is the ultimate acquisition. He is greater than reputation, money, family, and any other accolades that are received here on earth. In his final thoughts, Mr. Gibbs painted a picture of the Christian's greatest prize by reading aloud classic hymns that expressed the character and nature of God. All in all, he stated that Christians must focus on this motivation; the eternal, magnificent reward of God in Christ, awarded to all who would believe in Him!

Key Passages: Hebrews 11:5-6; 24-26; 12:1-2

Greenbrier Christian Academy: