FB 1On Wednesday, the varsity football team gathered for a time of fun, fellowship and reflection of the 2017 Fall season.  The players, coaches and family members had the opportunity to celebrate and reflect over this season's accomplishments while enjoying a wonderful dinner together. 

After a time of fellowship, Coach Austin played a highlight film of the season and presented team awards.

Congratulations to Luke Bussel for receiving the Donnie Simpson Award, Parker Clark for receiving the Most Outstanding Offensive Player Award, Quinton Wynn for receiving the Most Outstanding Defensive Player Award, Andrew Belford for receiving the Most Improved Player Award and Ray LeBlanc for receiving the Iron Gator Award.

During the presentation, Coach Austin also welcomed, recognized and promoted the 8th grader players to the varsity team.

A special thank you to all the senior football players for the time and effort you all put into the Gator program.  Manager Bobbie Austin said it best, "To my seniors you will be greatly missed, this team has grown because of you and you have grown because of this team."


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