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openhouse CROPPED

Michaela VelloneyMichaela Velloney, class of 2012 alumna, has spent the last two months in the kingdom of Lesotho, serving an unreached people group there called “The Mountain Basotho.” After graduating from GCA, Mic attended Grove City College, studying Biology and Secondary Education. During a winter break, while accompanying her father to Lesotho as part of her home church’s missions outreach, she felt her heart stirred. She was moved by the Holy Spirit to return after college graduation.

Through her blog, which can be found here, Mic has been detailing the incredible work God is doing. She will remain in Lesotho through December, following the Holy Spirit’s leading, pouring into the people God has brought her to.

Please pray for the good work Michaela is doing and for God’s blessing on the Mountain Basotho.

 Baptism 1 Baptism 2  LesothoLesotho 2