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openhouse CROPPED

Meredith on Hampton Roads ShowArtist Meredith Raiford, founder of Paintings for Change and 2011 GCA Graduate, was featured recently on the Hampton Roads Show. After earning her BFA from the University of Georgia in painting, Meredith felt God’s call during a visit to a children’s hospital in Jamaica. Seeing first-hand the bleak surroundings the children were living in, Meredith set out on a God-led journey to shine a light in the homes and surroundings of the world’s underprivileged. Meredith has lived in and ministered to children in Mozambique, Peru, and Columbia, using her gifts and talents to transform spaces while praying for the transformation of hearts and minds.

Please click here to visit Meredith’s website (meredithraifordart.com) and to see her work first-hand, peek in at the amazing full wall mural that brightens our indoor preschool play area!