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openhouse CROPPED

JonesFamilyChapel Speaker, Josiah and Rebecca Jones, Abba's Pride

Wednesday, March 9, the Collegiate students heard the testimony of Rebecca (Warren) Jones (GCA Class of 2008) and her husband, Josiah Jones. Josiah and Rebecca serve as missionaries to South Africa for Abba's Pride mission agency. The couple supports several rural churches in South Africa by providing help in developing the churches' youth ministries. In a video testimony, Rebecca shared how God moved in her life to get her from the seats of GCA to the rural land of South Africa wherein she now serves God. Josiah followed Rebecca's testimony with a challenge for the students to cease the pursuit of the things of this world in favor of seeking a heart which delights in Christ. The message served as a great reminder for the students that the hope that is given to us does not come from things of this world but from the One who created the things of this world. As a result, we are given the opportunity to testify to the hope that is within us to the world in which we live.

Key Passages: Galatians 1:10 and Psalms 37:4