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Miss Elena Pessig

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Foundations/Bridge Computer Teacher

 Pessig E

School Attended:

Bob Jones University

Degree Earned:

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish



3rd & 4th Grade Homework - 

Each week in class the students will begin the lesson by spending 10-15 minutes on typing practice. Their homework assignments will reinforce what typing skills they practice in class.

We use the following website to practice our keyboarding skills:

www.typingclub.com       Course: Beginner

Each student will do their typing homework under their own login.  This information is stored in their computer folders.

HW assignments are due on the assigned days when your student arrives for class.

Please see the attachment below for this quarter's homework assignments and due dates.


Keyboarding - Learning To Type

Keyboard Fingering Positions

Keyboarding fingering -Home RowKeyboard fingering-Bottom RowKeyboard fingering - Top Row

Check out these great Internet sites:   


Great siabcya logote where the students can get extra typing practice & have some fun too!! Be sure you are using correct fingering when playing the fun games!!

Another FUN site is www.code.org

Overview of the Year:

Emphasis will be placed on keyboarding skills as well as integrating classroom content to teach computer skills. Students will learn about Basic Computer Hardware, Basic Windows, Problem Solving, Keyboard Shortcuts, Toolbars & Menus, Email and Attachments, Email Etiquette, Basic Computer Vocabulary, and Internet Basics.

MS Word—Tables, Graphic Organizers & Pictures, Word Art, Headers & Footers, Wallpaper, Spell-check, Synonyms, Format & Font

MS Publisher—Parts of Publisher Screen, Design Gallery, Add/Edit Text, Insert Blank Page, Work with Font & Color Schemes, Table of Contents, Graphics

MS Excel—Enter Data, Graph Data, Formulas, Sorting, Recolor Tabs/Rename Worksheets

MS PowerPoint—Background, Inserting pictures/text boxes, Animation, Transition

Coding--Learning the basics of computer programming through code.org, as well as Sylvan Learning (4th-6th Grades)


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