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Coach Rick Hansley

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Lead Foundations P.E. Teacher

Hansley R

School Attended:

Cedarville University

Degree Earned:

B.A. in Physical Education

ACSI Standard Certification

The first time I was introduced to Jesus was in the 4th grade during a chapel service. After that chapel my 4th grade teacher asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and I raised my hand and after class she shared with me, and I accepted Jesus and my Lord and Savior. However, from the age of ten until after my first year in college I didn't witness or tell anyone about Jesus. That summer I was working at a Christian camp and at the camp fire I was convicted to recommitt my life to Christ and so I did in the summer of 1989 and God has been directing my life ever since. My first teaching job was in Hamilton New Jersey. I taught K5 thru the 8th grade. and that was where I met Mr. White's daughter Wendi and today that has been 18 years later.




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Hello! Welcome to the Lower School PE Teacher Page. In keeping with the Greenbrier Mission, we are excited to challenge your student to grow in character, self-reliance and self-discipline so that they will mature in wisdom, stature and favor with God (Luke 2:52). Through participation in a variety of physical education activities, your child will develop and improve muscular coordination, flexibility, strength, and endurance while learning to use his or her body to honor God.

Appropriate attire for PE is essential for optimal learning and enjoyment. Athletic socks with proper tennis shoes (not skater shoes like Vans, Etnies, etc.) will make activities like running more enjoyable for students. Shoes should be non-marking. Students may wear shorts on their PE days. The Lower School PE Day schedule is as follows:

K5A: Tuesday, Thursday

K5B: Tuesday, Thursday

1A : Tuesday, Wednesday

1B:  Tuesday, Thursday

1C:  Wednesday, Thursday

2A,2B: Tuesday, Thursday

3A,3B:  Monday, Friday

4A, 4B:  Monday, Friday

5A, 5B:  Monday, Friday

*3rd -5th grade students may bring water bottles (with water only) to school on PE days.

The PE Unit Schedule for the 2012-2013 School Year is as follows:

Quarter 1:

Aug 26-30             Orientation

Sept. 3- 27            K-2nd     Bean Bags                3rd-5th           Soccer

Sep. 30-Oct. 25      K-2nd     Hula Hoops              3rd-5th           Flag Football




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