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openhouse CROPPED

2nd graders Lego Robotics

Second graders in Foundation Academy’s Lego Robotics class used STEM skills to create cheering “sports fans” with specialized software, motion sensors, and Legos! 

GCA's 2nd through 5th grade Legos Robotics program provides cross-curricular opportunities for our students in Math, Science, and Technology.  In this particular activity, students created a “sports fan” lego character who would cheer and celebrate when a ball was kicked past.  Using motion sensors and computer software, students programmed their newly created sports fan to spin and jump up and down as a ball went by.

Students completed their creations by making custom outfits for their “cheering fans!”

 2nd graders Lego Robotics32nd graders Lego Robotics42nd graders Lego Robotics


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