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openhouse CROPPED

African SafariFoundations students in first grade completed a unit on wildlife and habitats with an amazing virtual field trip. Utilizing Google Earth, students traveled across the globe to the Arathusa African Reserve in South Africa. Starting in Chesapeake, first grade classes “flew” across the ocean and over the continent of Africa to reach their safari destination. Once there, our gators joined other classes from across the globe, including students from Israel, Great Britain, and Australia, as they took part in the live safari hosted by National Geographic.

During the safari, students saw many animals including a lion, a baboon, several leopard cubs, a hippopotamus, and an antelope. Students discussed the roles of territory, camouflage, predators and prey, and water sources and drought as they watched the various scenes playing out before them. The live safari guide answered questions submitted by students and a robot was spotted observing a hippopotamus up close, showing students how science and technology can be applied everywhere!

The virtual field trip was an exciting close to our first graders' wildlife unit!

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