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Student Services

Greenbrier Christian Academy has replaced the traditional Guidance Office with a wider encompassing Student Services Office. While mostly academic in nature, the Student Services staff seeks to provide support to students in all areas of their lives by working in conjunction with the divisional offices, principals and discipleship programs.

More About GCA Student Services

Struggling to get "the Big Picture" about your "Big Future"? 
Are the "steps" for college preparation overwhelming?  There are a multitude of resources available to assist you in this process.  Unlike "the old days" when college catalogs and brochures were the norm, college planning is now a virtual endeavor, easily accessible to you and your family as you think about post high school plans.  The College Board (the "SAT and PSAT people") has great resources available to high school students and parents with just a click of the mouse.  Take a few minutes to browse around BigFuture's site for helpful articles and checklists regarding the planning process. https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/
Additionally, the Student Services office is here to help you!  Contact our office to make an appointment to discuss this process or any other issue with which we can assist you.
Registrar/College Counseling-  Mrs. Nancy West  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Administrative Assistant/Student Records-  Mrs. Marne Buchanan  mebuchanan@gcagators.org
Academic Dean/Collegiate Administration-  Mrs. Kim Pope  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The above cliché is often used as a reminder that unless our actions back up what we say, then both (our words and actions) will be made ineffective. As I have walked the halls and visited classrooms, I can attest that students are experiencing the genuine care and professionalism of their teachers each day. Far greater than “informational vending machines,” the instructors at GCA demonstrate on a daily basis what it means to know and follow Christ.   Just this past week, I was walking through the elementary wing and saw a teacher out in the hall with one of her students. My assumption that the student was in trouble was proved wrong when I saw the two praying together – specifically for the child’s mom to get better. The teacher didn’t have to step into the hall and pray with her student. However, she understood that her actions would speak louder than proceeding with her momentary agenda.

Before any “words” can be spoken, the teachers of GCA spend incalculable hours preparing for the instructional day. The academic team (consisting of divisional principals, the academic dean, and myself) are focused on collaborating with teachers in developing mastery-driven instruction. Utilizing available technology, cooperative learning structures, and other hands-on activities take learning outside of the textbook and provide the students with varied, academically rigorous experiences.  Planning for this type of instruction is not accomplished solely within the designated hours of employment. I know this from personal experience! Late nights, early mornings, and weekends are when a majority of grading and planning is accomplished. How do you and I know this type of planning is happening? The teachers are showing us through their creative approach to instruction.

As a school, we continue to refine our approach to the continuity and delivery of instruction. This process is continual and we definitely appreciate your support of our endeavors. Even more, the administrative team thanks you for your prayers and support of your child’s teacher(s). They are the heroes of GCA.

College often seems like a far-away goal for many high school students and their parents.  But, it is not too early to be taking wise actions to position yourself for that all important senior year and the college selection process.  What can an underclassman be doing now to prepare for what God may have planned for him or her later?


Do you know what plagiarism is? Does your student?

To plagiarize, by definition, is “to present the ideas or words of another as one’s own.” (Merriam-Webster’s, 1997) Many articles and commentaries have been written over the past number of years underscoring the growing occurrences of plagiarism in academic settings and in the public arena. “Academic Integrity is a fundamental value of teaching, learning, and scholarship. Yet, there is growing evidence that students cheat and plagiarize.” (Clemson, 2010) Entire organizations and websites exist in an effort to counteract the trend toward unauthorized use of intellectual property.

"How to Be a Senior"

There are so many exciting things that come with being a senior.  You have worked hard, and you have finally reached the culmination of your high school career. However, there are many responsiblities as well.  This list is intended to guide you- and your parents- through these uncharted waters.

Requesting a Transcript:

Current students may request copies of their academic transcript from the Student Services office by completing and submitting the Student Record/ Transcript Release form. Official transcripts are mailed directly from GCA to the recipient institution under seal. This service is provided free of charge to all current students. (Two transcripts are released free of charge after graduation. A fee of $2.00 will be required for each additional transcript after two requests).

Unofficial transcripts (unsigned and unsealed) may be requested from the Student Services office, and may be picked up by the student or parent from the office.

Transcript Request Forms may be downloaded from the Student Services section of "Forms & Links".

Please contact the Student Services Office if you have questions.