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openhouse CROPPED

Mr. Smallman’s Capstone Math class teamed up with our Second graders to demonstrate how rockets work.  Our Capstone Math class is working through a unit on the practical uses for quadratic equations, while Second grade is learning about force and motion in their Science unit.

Our Second graders built several rockets with the help of a Capstone Math student acting as “Technical Consultant.”  Using a launch system built with PVC pipe by Science Department Chair, Mr. Smallman, students saw how an empty 2-liter bottle could become a propulsion system, capable of launching their rockets way up in the air, over their heads, onto the roof, and even (for the grand finale), through the football goal posts!

Our students had a blast while learning and the experience confirmed to our Gators what their teachers have been saying all along; learning about Math and Science is FUN!

1. Flying Rocket2. Lift off

3 StompRocket4 Stomp Rocket 2



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