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openhouse CROPPED

ELS with Carly FiorinaStudents from GCA’s Collegiate Academy attended Regent University’s Executive Leadership Series luncheon in February with featured speaker, Carly Fiorina. GCA students, along with over 600 other attendees, were challenged by Fiorina’s talk on “Lessons in Leadership” to see the possibilities all around us and have courage to change the status quo. Fiorina encouraged young people to get a job and work hard, viewing even the most basic position as a learning experience and stepping stone.

When Fiorina opened the floor to an audience Q and A session, Class of 2018 student Jessica Ferebee posed the first question, asking Fiorina how she handled moments in her career when she had self-doubt. Fiorina shared a piece of advice she once heard of not reading your own “bad press.” She went on to say a leader needs the ability to take risks and the courage to make mistakes; when those mistakes happen, learn from them and move on. 

Thank you to Regent University for allowing us to be a part of this inspirational luncheon.  Photo credit: A. Perry/Regent University.


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