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openhouse CROPPED

DR Missions TeamThe 2017 Dominican Republic missions team has returned safely after a week serving in the D.R.  The team of  32, comprised of GCA students, teachers, and other chaperones, spent time supporting local long-term missionaries, serving at two local churches, ministering to children in nearby communities, teaching at The Palms Christian school, and visiting with relationships from past missions trips, sharing God's love throughout.

Thank you to the GCA community for the faithful support of our missions trip.  The many gifts of financial support, items donated, prayer, and time were used to bless our brothers and sisters in the Dominican Republic and shine God's love on those less fortunate.  Thank you and praise God for his faithfulness over the missions trip.

To see daily travel logs of our 2017 Missions Trip to the Dominican Republic, please view our Facebook page; or for the full DR 2017 photo album, click here.


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