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openhouse CROPPED


Ms. Rebecca Skeens

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fourth Grade Teacher

Skeens R

School Attended:

Western Govenors University

Walden University

Degree Earned:

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies K - 8

Master of Science Education in Reading and Mathematics


      I had the blessing of being raised in a Christian home by my wonderful parents, who instilled in my two brothers and me the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is due to my parents' godly influence that I received Jesus as my personal Savior at the age of three

      Since that time, my walk with the Lord has taken me to places I would have never imagined, such as 37 of the 50 states, a tiny island in the pacific, and an island nation in Southeast Asia.  One of the most incredible blessings I've received from the Lord was when I traveled to southern China in 2006 to meet my daughter, Cara Grace Chudan, for the very first time.  My daughter and I returned to the States in 2012 after almost ten years overseas to a fresh start in my hometown of Chesapeake.

      The Lord has sustained me through the ups and downs, and has proven his faithfulness time and again.  He is so precious to me! By trusting in Him and His goodness, I have been given the desires of my heart (Proverbs 3:5-6).  As we start this journey together I look forward to all the the Lord has in store for 4th!

Welcome to 4A!


Download this file (Boxtop collection sheet.pdf)Boxtop collection sheet.pdf[ ]150 kB2017-01-04 13:38
Download this file (Graph Paper - medium.pdf)Graph Paper - medium.pdf[ ]7 kB2017-04-03 15:37
Download this file (VocabElectricityMagnetism.pdf)VocabElectricityMagnetism.pdf[ ]26 kB2017-12-27 21:05
Download this file (4th Grade News Jan. 9 - 12, 2018.pdf)4th Grade News Jan. 9 - 12, 2018.pdf[ ]667 kB2018-01-09 15:48
Download this file (4th Grade News Jan. 16 - 19, 2018.pdf)4th Grade News Jan. 16 - 19, 2018.pdf[ ]466 kB2018-01-16 11:58
Download this file (Setting Flow Chart Example - Snow Day 2018.jpg)Setting Flow Chart Example - Snow Day 2018.jpg[ ]20 kB2018-01-16 12:12
Download this file (Questions 15.4 Electromagnets.pdf)Questions 15.4 Electromagnets.pdf[Snow Day Science Review]128 kB2018-01-16 12:13
Download this file (Review Sheet 15.1-15.2 SE 2018.pdf)Review Sheet 15.1-15.2 SE 2018.pdf[Snow Day Science Review Day 2]421 kB2018-01-16 12:14
Download this file (Snow Day Work for Wednesday and Thursday 2018.pdf)Snow Day Work for Wednesday and Thursday 2018.pdf[Explanation of Work for Potential Snow Days Jan18and19]451 kB2018-01-16 16:27
Download this file (Magnet Investigation.pdf)Magnet Investigation.pdf[Magnet investigation - some students do not have copies in Snow Day Packet]188 kB2018-01-16 16:56

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