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Mrs. Flora Legg

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5th Grade Teacher

Legg F 

School Attended:

Bob Jones University

Degrees Earned:

B.S. Education

I was saved at the Wilds, a Christian camp in the mountains of NC as a teenager. The sermon was on the cross and the sufferings of Christ for ME. Since then as I contemplate the cross and all it means, I strive to please the Lord in my life. I love to teach and tell the children of God in so many aspects of life. I am very grateful that the Lord has brought my family back to this area. I am looking forward to what the Lord has for us this year at GCA.



crayon gator


Welcome to the new school year.


Download this file (Box Top Collection Sheet.pdf)Box Top Collection Sheet.pdf[ ]120 kB
Download this file (5th Grade.pdf)5th Grade.pdf[ ]140 kB
Download this file (Business Card.pdf)Business Card.pdf[Book Report form - business card]178 kB
Download this file (Character Trading Cards.pdf)Character Trading Cards.pdf[Book Report form - Trading cards]198 kB
Download this file (Letter to Author.pdf)Letter to Author.pdf[Book Report Form - Letter to the Author]157 kB
Download this file (Book Bag Book Report.pdf)Book Bag Book Report.pdf[Book Report form - Oral Book Report]164 kB
Download this file (Graph Paper - medium (1).pdf)Graph Paper - medium (1).pdf[ ]7 kB
Download this file (Travel Agent.pdf)Travel Agent.pdf[ ]167 kB
Download this file (Reading Vocab - Runt and Moonshiner's.doc)Reading Vocab - Runt and Moonshiner's.doc[ ]25 kB
Download this file (5th LIST 9 Doubling Rule.pdf)5th LIST 9 Doubling Rule.pdf[ ]725 kB
Download this file (2-3 Nov 13-17.pdf)2-3 Nov 13-17.pdf[ ]582 kB

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