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openhouse CROPPED

6th Grade


Sixth grade students study the following topics:

  • God Teaches the Church (I & II Timothy and Titus)
  • James (Inductive Bible Study)
  • Valuable Issues for Believers (I, II, & III John)
  • Revelation (Inductive Bible Study)

Textbooks: Discover 4 Yourself Inductive Bible Study for Kids series

Language Arts

Vocabulary - Vocabulary words are taught when reading class novels.

Reading - Analysis of literature—4 class novels are read.


  • Grammar—applied to writing process
  • Writing—writing process and oral presentation of written material
  • Reference Skills—research techniques

Textbooks: English 6—BJU Press


The following units are taught during the sixth grade year:

  • Whole Numbers and Patterns
  • Introduction to Algebra
  • Decimals
  • Number Theory and Fractions
  • Fraction Operations
  • Proportional Relationships
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Integers

Textbook: Holt McDougal Mathematics Course 1


The following units are taught during the sixth grade year, with instruction on the scientific method integrated throughout:

  • Physical science (matter, energy, atoms, and elements)
  • Earth science (water and oceanography)
  • Environmental science (interactions of living things, resources, human impact on the environment)

Textbook: Holt McDougal Science Fusion

Social Studies

Students continue where they left off in fifth grade, studying the following topics:

  • The Civil War and Reconstruction
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Changes of the early-mid 20th Century
  • The Great Depression
  • World Wars 1 and 2
  • Current events

Textbook: America, History of Our Nation, 1865 to Present—Prentice Hall

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