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Fourth Grade

Fourth grade students participate in forty minute sessions of Art, Music, and Computer once a week and PE two times per week. Spanish and Library classes are held once per week for 20 minutes. 


Fifth and Sixth Grade Electives

Elective classes meet for 30 minutes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Elective classes are not held on Wednesday due to Chapel. 


Six grade students may enroll in a yearlong art program that introduces basic techniques in drawing, painting and sculpture using a variety of materials. Students place emphasis on the Basic Elements of Art and Principles of Design. The student’s personal style and technique is developed along with a greater understanding of aesthetics and art criticisms. Students will learn the four-step critical method of description, analysis, interpretation and evaluation. Self-expression is both expected and encouraged. Students will gain a better appreciation of art through study, productivity and craftsmanship. An emphasis is placed on appreciation for the God given talent of the individual and His Creation.


Fifth and sixth grade students may participate in Band.  Basic notation and playing skills will be taught for younger players and those who need to build skills. Those who are proficient will play from the second level band method book in class and have more challenging music at times. Concerts and performances will incorporate music for the entire group and include both types of players depending on instrumentation and ability. Throughout the course of the year, students will be able to participate in performances as they make progress through practice at home and class participation.


The Bridge Choir is opened to 5th and 6th grade students.  Basic music reading skills will be reinforced with emphasis on building the ability to sight read and sing 2 part and 3 part harmony. Students will become acquainted with and be able to recognize different styles of music such as a capella, spirituals, hymns and classical.  The students will perform as part of multiple performances including the Bridge Academy Musical, Spring Concert, and Chapel performances.

 Physical Education

Sixth grade students may elect to participate in a yearlong Physical Education course. The scope of the course encompasses both the study of the athletic skill and physical education. The physical education program at GCA has a smooth progression of skills, which starts in preschool and continues to build on previous skills through high school.  Sixth grade PE will focus on team sports as well as individual sports, which emphasize the goal of lifetime fitness.


Fifth and Sixth Grade Rotating Electives

Rotating elective classes are held for 40 minutes each day.

 Fifth grade students participate in the following classes

  • Art (1 quarter)
  • Computer (1 quarter)
  • Physical Education (2 quarters)

Sixth grade students participate in the following quarter long classes:

  • Robotics
  • Study Skills
  • Computer
  • Teen Living.   

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