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Sixth graders visited the Learning Barge to see a working eco-system up close and personal and learn about the Elizabeth River watershed!

From The Learning Barge, Elizabeth River Project:

The Elizabeth River Project's Dominion Virginia Power LEARNING BARGE is the world's first floating wetland classroom and America's Greenest Vessel. It's a "steward ship," teaching students of the river environmental stewardship actions and showing how to make the Elizabeth River healthier! 

Powered by sun and wind and equipped with live wetlands, an enclosed classroom, composting toilets and a rainwater filtration system, the 120 by 32 foot Learning Barge is designed to both model and teach ecology and sustainability to the next generation of lower Chesapeake Bay stewards. The mission is making restoration of the Elizabeth River a reality.

Students learn by doing aboard the award-winning steel deck barge with live wetlands designed by the University of Virginia and owned and operated by The Elizabeth River Project. The barge is a unique and powerful living laboratory for students to learn about river science, the Elizabeth River watershed, ecosystem, stewardship and restoration efforts. As America’s Greenest Vessel, her “green” design demonstrates sustainable practices for home and school. Students come aboard thinking globally and leave equipped to make a difference in their community.

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