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Missions Emphasis - March 20, 2017

Kicking off GCA’s annual Missions Emphasis Week, Mrs. Mickie West from But God Ministries came to speak to students about her work as a full time missionary in Haiti. Through personal testimony and insightful stories of God’s providence, Mrs. West walked the students through what the call of God looked like for her family and the process that God took them through in order to provide and sustain them as they drastically shifted their lives to line up with God’s Will, by moving to Haiti. Furthermore, Mrs. West presented a slideshow which pictured many services that God has provided for the people of Haiti. She spent time explaining the realities of the quality of life for the Haitian people, while also speaking to what all God has done in and through But God Ministries as a result. Concluding her time with each class, Mrs. West explained God’s sovereignty throughout what she has seen Him do as well as what He has done through the people that have come to serve. She ended by encouraging all to consider being involved in short-term and long-term missions in order to advance God’s Kingdom to the ends of the earth!

Haiti guestspeaker01Haiti guestspeaker02

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