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Miss Courtney Gurganus

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Kindergarten Teacher

Gurganus C 

Schools Attended:

Bob Jones University

Degree Earned:

B.S. Early Childhood Education

I grew up here in Chesapeake, Virginia in a Christian home. My mom was an alumnus of Greenbrier Christian Academy, and my parents decided to enroll me in GCA as well. I attended GCA for all 13 years of my schooling along with my other sisters. I not only attended a Christian school, but my family was also very active in my church. Throughout my childhood I was involved in various ministries, but I did not realize my need for salvation until I was thirteen years old. When I was thirteen, my pastor was preaching a message out of John 3. When he got to John 3:16, he encouraged the congregation to make this verse personal. This helped open my eyes to how much God loved me and my need for His gift of salvation.

After high school, I attended Bob Jones University to major in Early Childhood Education. Teaching was my desire. I did not fully realize how much I loved working with young children until I did an internship at GCA’s preschool my senior year of high school. I continued into my major, and loved every minute of it. My college education was centered on children from my classes, to my required field experiences, to my job at a daycare center, and to the children’s church ministry at my church. My desire to teach soon became my passion.



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