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Please note that this is meant to be a brief overview. Classroom newsletters will give more detail as to specific classroom instruction in each of these areas on a weekly basis.


Age appropriate Biblical concepts are introduced and reviewed through daily Bible instruction, weekly chapels in the early childhood center, and classroom Biblical integration. Stories from the old and new testament are used to introduce the following concepts and children are instructed on how these concepts apply to their individual lives.

  • God’s love: for me, for my family, for all people of the world
  • The Bible is God’s word
  • Creation
  • Forgiveness
  • Following Jesus
  • Obedience: to God, to parents
  • Sharing
  • Giving thanks
  • God provides
  • God’s names
  • Jesus is God’s son
  • Jesus came to save us
  • Heaven
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Worship
  • Missions
  • Prayer 


In addition to concepts reviewed from the 3 year old class, children will learn: 

  • Rules of polite conversation
  • Retelling stories
  • Prepositions
  • Spelling of name
  • Upper and lower case letters
  • Beginning sounds
  • Ending sounds
  • Associating letters with sounds
  • Ordering of stories and events
  • Identifying and generating simple rhymes
  • Parts of and proper handling of books


In addition to concepts reviewed from the 3 year old class, children will learn:

  • Ordinal positions
  • Simpler verbal problems
  • Ordering and comparing size differences
  • Comparing and describing sets
  • Using the correct vocabulary terms (measuring tools, calendar, etc.)
  • Graphing


  • Plants provide food
  • Characteristics of various animals
  • Concept of predator & prey
  • Fossils
  • Body parts of insects
  • What living things need to live and grow
  • Colors
  • Scientific investigation
  • Magnets
  • Five senses
  • Basic concepts of matter
  • Shadows
  • Daily weather observations

Social Studies 

  • Beginning social skills
  • Manners
  • children around the world study
  • recognition of others’ likes and differences
  • concepts of past and present
  • using correct words to describe location
  • community helpers

Thematic Units (not necessarily in this order) 

  • Welcome
  • School helpers
  • All About Me - emotions, my body, senses, home, family, keeping healthy
  • Fall
  • Nutrition
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Animals big and small - dinosaurs, rodents, pets, zoo, rodeo
  • Friends around the world
  • Plants & Trees
  • Insects & Bugs - ants, bees, butterflies, ladybugs, crickets, grasshoppers, spiders, & worms
  • Manners
  • Easter
  • See you later alligator


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