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Please note that this is meant to be a brief overview. Classroom newsletters will give more detail as to specific classroom instruction in each of these areas on a weekly basis.


Age appropriate Biblical concepts are introduced and reviewed through daily Bible instruction, weekly chapels in the early childhood center, and classroom Biblical integration. Stories from the old and new testament are used to introduce the following concepts and children are instructed on how these concepts apply to their individual lives.

  • God’s love: for me, for my family, for all people of the world
  • The Bible is God’s word
  • Creation
  • Forgiveness
  • Following Jesus
  • Obedience: to God, to parents
  • Sharing
  • Giving thanks
  • God provides
  • God’s names
  • Jesus is God’s son
  • Jesus came to save us
  • Heaven
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Worship
  • Missions
  • Prayer


  • Listening and speaking skills
  • Uppercase letters; name and sound
  • Holding a book
  • Author & Illustrator
  • Reciting rhymes
  • Opposites
  • Simple prepositions
  • Identifying various aspects of stories read aloud
  • Participating in discussion and answering basic questions about stories read aloud
  • Adding to and appropriately using new vocabulary
  • Development of fine motor skills for future handwriting 


  • Rote counting
  • One to one correspondence
  • Basic patterning
  • Numeral recognition
  • Sorting by size, shape or color
  • Concepts of size (full, empty, short, tall, big, little)
  • Shapes
  • Calendar concepts 


  • Air is everywhere
  • Four seasons
  • Growth needs of plants
  • The body parts of an insect
  • Colors
  • Daily weather observations
  • Sink & Float 

Social Studies 

  • Beginning social interactions
  • Recognition of others’ likes and differences
  • Manners
  • Characteristics of places that are the setting of stories read in class
  • Community helpers 

Thematic Units (not necessarily in this order) 

  • Welcome
  • Community helpers
  • Exploring colors
  • Fall
  • Animals
  • Pumpkins
  • Thanksgiving
  • Jan Brett Author Study - Gingerbread Baby, The Three Snowbears, The Hat, The Mitten, Armadillo Rodeo, Town Mouse, Country Mouse, Berlioz, Hedgie’s Surprise
  • Christmas
  • New Years
  • Love and friendship
  • Wind, Water & Rocks
  • Plants & Trees
  • Insects & bugs - crickets and grasshoppers, ants, bees, ladybugs, butterflies, spiders, worms
  • Easter
  • Manners





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