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openhouse CROPPED

Daddy Kite Day 1Our Beginnings Academy celebrated Dads with our annual Daddy Kite Day!  Dads enjoyed a time of fellowship with each other and heard from Mr. Gary Wilson, one of our Collegiate Academy Administrators, who shared his wisdom as a father of two grown children.  Mr. Wilson encouraged Dads to model by example, always remembering their children are learning how to act by watching and imitating the person they want to be most like; their Dads.  Using an umbrella as an analogy, Mr. Wilson made the comparison that much like an umbrella shields us from rain and bad weather, parents, and Dads especially, shield children from harm.  Mr. Wilson closed with sharing lyrics to the song “Watching You” by Rodney Atkins and encouraged Dads to enjoy the parenthood adventure they have set out on!

After a time of fellowship and words of wisdom, Dads were joined by their little Gators for some fun!  With rainy weather preventing kite flying, Beginnings Academy Director, Mrs. Dykes, announced the “Dr. Seuss Game” would serve as a back-up!  Daddies and children made their way to the field house where they formed a large circle and were each assigned a Dr. Seuss character.  As Director Dykes read aloud The Cat In the Hat, each Daddy-child pair had to run across the circle and quickly find an open spot whenever they heard their character named.  Lots of laughter, smiles, and excited cheering ensued as our preschoolers ran back and forth with their Dads, many of whom ended up football carrying their little ones across the circle to the delight of everyone!

What a special day to celebrate the blessing of a Daddy in the life of a child!

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