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openhouse CROPPED

Foundations Chapel - February 1, 2017

 In the Foundations Academy chapel service at GCA this morning, Mrs. Tracy Cox, the Lower School Principal, introduced this month’s chapel theme, “Walking in Him means I will love others.” She began her message by laying out some ground rules for the Christian faith as it pertains to works of the law and love. She made clear to the students that simply going to church, attending a Christian school, or even practicing certain spiritual disciplines will not alone get them into Heaven. The one thing that matters is having a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. All of the other things that they are to do work to supplement that relationship. Moving deeper, Mrs. Cox read through the parable of the “Good Samaritan”, using this story as an illustration to the students and faculty about what loving others really looks like. She made the vital point that, just as Jesus came to love all people, they too are called by God to love all people regardless of the many differences that they might have. She then made it clear that no one is too good to help someone else in need. Concluding her message, Mrs. Cox utilized the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. Referencing and reciting excerpts from his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, she gave a concrete example of what a real, live “Good Samaritan” looks like in and through his important work within the Civil Rights Movement.

Key Passages: Luke 10:25-37

February Theme Verse: Luke 10:27

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