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openhouse CROPPED

Beginnings Chapel has been a great time for our preschool and kindergarten students to come together to worhip the Lord and to learn more about God and His word.  This is my favorite time of the week as I get to spend it with all of our students together

This year, the GCA chapel theme for preschool through grade 12 is, 'So Walk in Him' from Colossians 2:6, 7

During Chapel, Mrs. Winther (our librarian) plays piano praise music as we all enter.  We begin with prayer and fun music and we sing a hymn.  By the end of the year, we will learn to say the words of our theme verses.  We also have a devotional lesson.

Songs and Hymns are a great way for our student to 'hide God's words in their hearts'.  Our Hymn has been, 'Just a Closer Walk With Thee', which reinforces our theme.  Maybe your children will sing it for you at home.   Our November hymn has been, 'Count your blessings'.

Your children have been reciting Colossians 2:6, 'As you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, So walk in Him'  Maybe with a little encouragement, you can have your child say it for you. 

We have spent our first few week of chapel learning Colossians 2:6, '... have received Christ Jesus the Lord...'.  We learned about God's love for us by hearing the stories of 'The Good Shepherd' and 'The Lost Sheep'.  We had a chapel lesson about how 'Jesus is the Most Important'.  In our most recent Chapel we learned about giving our hearts to Jesus.  Mrs. Dykes used her bear puppet named 'Diggs' and one of her favorite books, A Heart for Jesus, by Juanit Bynum to help the children understand what it means to give your heart to Jesus.  Ms. Renton (our extended care director) also led a chapel lesson about accepting Jesus as our savior. 

In November, We began working on the sencond part of our first verse, 'so walk in Him'.  We enjoyed hearing the story of 'Adam Raccoon in Lost Woods' by Glen Keane and we talked about how important it is to pay attention to what Jesus wants us to do.  We have also learned that to 'Walk in Him' means to do what Jesus did.  We had a lesson about how Jesus cared about others and how we can show others that we care for them.  Our tagline was, 'Monkey see - monkey do - Jesus cared and so should you'.  In the next few weeks, we will learn about more ways to 'walk in Him'.

Mrs. Sims led Chapel on Monday, Oct. 17th and Mrs. Jessee led chapel on Monday, Oct. 24th.  Each of the teachers will lead at least one Chapel during the school year.

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