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openhouse CROPPED

I can not begin to express the gratitude our family has for the Early Childhood program.  From day one Mrs. Dykes has had an opened door policy where we could talk with her at anytime and she always has a smile on her face. This is my son's second year in the program and he has grown by leaps and bounds mentally and spiritually.  He began half way through the year in the P3 program and Mrs. Jessee and Mrs. Leader worked diligently with him to catch him up to the rest of the class.  During his time in extended care he met Mrs. Sims.  Then we were so blessed to find out she would be his P4 teacher this school year. The love she shows for my son and the other children is incredible.  She has been such a blessing to our family and such a special person to our son.  She is going to be someone he will remember for the rest of his life.  It brings such joy to my heart when he comes home and rattles off Bible versus and is grinning from ear to ear knowing he is serving the Lord.


It also goes without saying the amazing friendships he has made through his time in the Early Childhood program at GCA.  The friendship does not just stay within the school building but it extends to weekend play time and birthday parties.  Our son is not the only one making friends, but as parents we have developed great friendship with other parents who share the same Christian values and beliefs. 
It also means so much to us, as a working middle class family, that GCA has not raised tuition on their families so we can continue to send our son to such a renown academic and Christian school. 
I look forward to continuing to see my son grow academically and spiritually in GCA. 
God Bless,