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openhouse CROPPED

How do I begin to describe what GCA means to me?  The first thing that I share with people when I talk about GCA is that "they partner with you to raise your children".  As a single mother - this has meant the world to me, to know that Godly men and women are working with me, to lead my daughters to Jesus; to help develop a passion for walking with Him; and to nurture a love for serving Him.
I not only feel that my daughters are receiving a superior education, but I also believe that they are under the umbrella of those who believe that teaching is not a job, but more of a calling.  I am thankful to have my daughters corrected in ways that will draw them closer to Jesus; and cherished, for the individuals that the Lord created them to be.
I believe that the heart of GCA trickles down from the top.  I have been privileged to see a side of Mr. White that others may not have known.  While he runs a "tight ship", and expects much of his faculty, he is also the first one to be at their sides when hardship occurs.  One of my dearest friends was a former teacher at GCA.  In the year before her father died, I would see Mr. and Mrs. White at the hospital many times when I came to visit.  The Whites open their hearts and home to those who allow them to do so.
I can not begin to express my appreciation to all of those who give everything that they have - regardless of whether they are opening milks in the cafeteria, or making administrative decisions.  I thank the Lord for each person who makes up the GCA family, and I pray that He would bless each of them as richly as they have blessed our family.