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openhouse CROPPED

Mr. White,

I am not sure if you remember my family and I, but my children started attending GCA in 2004 and left this year only because of our military move. We are in another Christian school in another state. I have four children, with my oldest being in second grade this year. Prior to our move here, we have only attended GCA and were EXTREMELY happy with the Christian values and education that our children were getting.

We understood that GCA was thorough with the interview process, allowing students and families admission into the school with a foundation of biblical principles. That is not the current condition in the school my children are at now and I now realize why GCA was strict in their admission policies. I just wanted to say how grateful I was/am for everything that GCA has done for my family and I. The teachers were warm, friendly and communicated with me/worked with me in any issue that they were having with my kids. I am saddened that my youngest will be the only one not to experience the love and education that Mrs. Cindy Jesse gave to my other three nor, will my son have the privilege of being taught by Mrs. Stalnaker or Mrs. Tise and other teachers that we will miss. I also appreciate the warmness of ALL of the parents that I encountered there. It is an environment that I took for granted of all Christians schools, but am sadly realizing that it is not the case.

I just wanted to email you and say thank you again. What you and the teachers are doing for families and children at your school is very unique and you were a BLESSING to all of us. I still remember how everyone kept us in prayer when I was having babies, my husband was out to sea, and how great they were with the kids during these times. We were looking forward to coming back next year however, God has other plans for us in Guam. If we ever do come back to the area, I would consider it a blessing for my kids to attend the school again.

May the Lord continue to watch over the school and give you wisdom in the direction and administration over it.


Melodie M.