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openhouse CROPPED

My daughter is in P4 this year. Last year I was searching for a job and stressing because it was August and I hadn’t heard back from any jobs, and I knew all preschools were filling up. I finally heard from a job in September, and I looked for preschools in Norfolk near my work but everything was full. I was praying for God to open the right school for my daughter, and a friend of mine from church said her son attended GCA preschool and she loved it. I knew about GCA because my old roommate, Tracy Cox, was a Spanish teacher there in 2002, but I had no idea it also had a preschool. I went late September and there were places available for P3!!

One month later, in October of last year, I went through a difficult circumstance in my life which required me to go back to work fulltime. But God is amazing, He knew that my daughter had to be at GCA during this year to be surrounded by God’s Word and God’s love when I had to be away from her at work. It has been a true blessing having my 5-year-old come home everyday this past year singing praises, quoting Bible verses, and just reminding me of God’s Word and His promises when I have needed them the most. I love the fact that what I have been teaching her at home these past 5 years can be reinforced at school instead of contradicting family values and Bible truths that are being taught in secular preschools. It is such a blessing that when she is feeling sick or I feel sick, her first thought is to pray or ask for prayer for God’s healing and as soon as she feels well she says “God healed me!”… and I know this is because that she is not only surrounded by God’s Word at home but at school as well; her ears, eyes, heart and mind are spiritually “covered” 24/7!!

This year I didn’t know if she was going to be able to attend; because of my situation I didn’t know if I could afford the tuition, but my mom used the little money she has left from her inheritance to pay for this year. I don’t know what will happen next year, but I know God brought my daughter to GCA and will provide for us as long as He wants her there.

In spite of everything we are going through, it is amazing how God has kept her heart and mind during this time of trial and has given me wisdom to know what to do and say, and her God-filled joyful personality helps me to smile, respect, love and forgive. We are still praying for a miracle and I have faith that it will be soon. My daughter asks God every night for His help, and I know God is listening and she knows God is listening as well because she not only hears it from me, she has also learned that from her teachers and all the staff at GCA.

You all are a blessing! Thank you!