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openhouse CROPPED

Commit your way to the Lord and He will direct your path. After homeschooling for 18years, we had concerns putting our son in school.  We are to trust the Lord in all our ways which includes our children. It did not take many days for it to be revealed God working in our lives as well as our son. We are so very grateful for the bible teachings of Mr. Wright. It has given our son many thoughts to ponder, not just theology but applying that theology to practical, personal use, for Christ becomes more real to those who persist in cultivating His presence.

The concern and thoughtfulness of the teachers has overwhelmed us. Dr. Morales spends time with her students and has a kind and gentle spirit.  Dr. Morales knows that God made a promise and He will find a way to keep it and she lives her life with trust. The students know how difficult this school year began  for Dr. Morales, but seeing her walk in faith is a testimony to all her students. These things can not be taught in homeschooling.

GCA has been a blessing beyond words for our family.  We have witness the grace the principle has shown our family. He has given us a challenge to focus on "what are students are becoming not focusing on their achievement or works". We appreciate his words and direction for the High school students.

The Moms in Touch group led by Cindy has humbled me to be in the presence of these praying warrior. To be with a group of women who talk for 3 minutes and pray for 50 minutes is a "God thing".  It is a privilege to pray with these faithful, committed moms weekly who uplift the entire faculty and students up each Monday morning.

In His matchless grace,

Ron and Mary