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The mission of the GCA Facilities Team is to provide a safe, clean, organized campus to educate, disciple and provide witness to all students, parents, staff, visitors and our neighbors through our perseverance towards excellence and good stewardship.

Greenbrier Christian Academy is located on a 19.57 acre campus at 311 Kempsville Road in Chesapeake, Virginia. Our Campus includes one main educational building (102,520 sq. feet), two athletic training buildings (#1 is 6683 sq. feet and #2 is 8,000 sq. feet), 1 maintenance building (1848 sq. feet), 1 football field, 1 baseball field, 1 softball field, and 1 track. The campus is modest and well maintained. The campus accommodates 3-year-olds through the 12th grade. Kempsville Road is a four-lane highway located in the area known as Washington Borough of Chesapeake. Washington Borough is a growing suburban area. The growth includes many new homes and small businesses. The GCA campus was started in the year of 1985 and the buildings and grounds are continually being improved to meet the needs of our ministry.